Video Editing

Video editing is a crucial piece of the puzzle, giving your video the proper enhancements while ensuring your creative genius is not pushed to the wayside. Some video production companies treat all clients in a cookie-cutter fashion, completing standard editing processes that don’t take your individual goals, vision, and preferences into account.

That’s not how we operate at Sweet Papaya Creative. Embracing a fully personalized approach, we make sure your voice is clearly heard in every element of your video, while also delivering a top quality result. Your video will be professionally edited with an eye towards lead-generation and reaching your goals. And with video receiving 1200% more shares than text & images combined, yours needs to be exceptional.


Video Filming

It may come as no surprise that video comprised 64% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2015, and is expected to rise to 79% within two more years. And, according to YouTube, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every single year. It’s clear: video is where it’s at for the business looking to succeed.

But to truly stand out, high quality video production is incredibly vital. That’s where we come in. Sweet Papaya Creative offers more than just professional equipment and technical savvy. We’re dedicated video production experts who take the utmost pride in our work, and who derive immense joy from helping others. Let us craft a personalized, brand-focused video that exceeds your expectations, and goes beyond “average” to show you off at your finest.

We film in Portland, OR and throughout the PNW from Seattle to Medford, and existing raw video sent from anywhere online can be fully edited and enhanced. If you’re looking for a video production service that won’t disappoint, we are ready to get started.


Video Marketing

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Video Marketing

Looking for a lead-generating, shareable video, but don’t have the time, interest, or budget to deal with marketing concept, scripts, videography, editing, social media ads and optimization? We are the perfect solution for you.

Let us create a customer-focused video campaign that expresses your brand and drives traffic, sales, and leads. Whatever your budget, and whatever your goals, we have the skills and knowledge to help you realize them. Send us a message to chat about your idea and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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