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How to Win With a 20-Minute Daily LinkedIn Strategy

Do You Have a Daily LinkedIn Strategy?

LinkedIn may be the most powerful tool professionals have to connect with potential clients, partners, and employees, with an estimated 433 million users operating in various industries in over 200 countries with 47 million member page views. Unfortunately, for all this power, it is also one of the most underutilized tools in many professionals’ toolkits. The good news is that LinkedIn doesn’t have to be a chamber of secrets that only the initiated can enter! By applying consistency with simple steps to your daily LinkedIn strategy, you can start maximizing your connections and putting LinkedIn’s hidden potential to work for you and your company. Here’s how, from start to finish, to win on LinkedIn in just 20 Minutes A Day!

[box] Two things to keep in mind: First, you’re not parsing every letter individually. The idea here is to do a quick scan for things that catch your eye. If you find something, that interests you or warrants further discussion or examination, your time spent on these tips may vary somewhat. Though, you can offset the time you spend on one point by devoting less time to another, where appropriate. Second, these tips are most effective when they are incorporated into your daily routine and done at the same time every day. Whether you do them at the beginning or end of your day, at lunchtime or some other time, try to make a habit of building these into your scheduled professional tasks for the day. [/box]

Do a Profile Health Checkup.

Time: 1 minute
Does your LinkedIn profile convey the message you want? Is your headshot clear and professional? Have you added keywords? If any of these are out of sync, a quick 60-second edit can help you put your best face forward for potential and current clients.

Anything in Your InMail?

Time: 3 minutes
The second thing you should do is check your InMail. If you have new messages, it’s a good idea to respond to them immediately. No one likes waiting for a reply to an urgent email or text message. Reply with personal messages (do not send any canned responses). Letting messages hide on LinkedIn could be costing you money every minute they go unread.

Reach Out to the People You Met Yesterday.

Time: 3 minutes
If you shook someone’s hand, got an email or did lunch with a friend of a friend yesterday, you should invite these people to connect with you on LinkedIn today. Ensure you catch them before other things intrude and the impression you made has a chance to fade. It’s also a quick and courteous way to thank them for their time, ask a question, summarize key points you made yesterday.

Check Out What’s Going on in Your LinkedIn Groups.

Time:  2 minutes
Groups are a great way to stay in touch with people, but they only work if everyone gets and stays, engaged and connected. It’s worth your time to stay current on events in your groups and what the trending topics are, so you can weigh in where your expertise would be useful. This is also a good time to do a little triage on your groups. Are you in groups that have some relevance or immediate interest to you, or are you in groups that aren’t going anywhere or doing anything of value? Use this time to manage your group subscriptions and decide where your time and knowledge are best applied.

Stay Current on Status Updates.

Time: 3 minutes
Buried among the “So-and-So has a new connection!” may be a lot of buried treasure in the form of people who are reaching out for the answers you’re equipped to provide or something that you may find interesting. For this reason, you should check out what your connections are doing on LinkedIn. You may be able to harvest some contacts this way, or possibly even open a line of communication that leads to a contract.  A great way to start a conversation is to ask someone what their takeaway was on an article or post they shared or better yet one you wrote and posted that they liked or shared.

Update Your Status.

Time: 1 minute.

Keeping your connections apprised of what you’re doing is a great way to cross-pollinate information. Link to a thought leadership article you’ve written, comment on something interesting that’s happened since your last update, or take a moment to consider something you read on LinkedIn Pulse and a brief note about why you do or don’t agree.

Review People You’re Scheduled to Deal With That Day.

Time: 2 minutes.
LinkedIn is an excellent tool for finding out everything you need to know about the people you have on your docket for the day. Whether you’re interviewing a potential employee, meeting with a contractor or have a lunch meeting with an investor, you can use this person’s LinkedIn profile to find talking points or get ideas for how best to engage with them. 

Review Your Available Networks.

Time: 3 minutes.
One of the great things about LinkedIn is “who you know.” The networks of your first-tier connections can help you broker introductions, identify pain points in your field or show areas of weakness that your company may be positioned to exploit. A quick scan offers you access to a wealth of information for later follow-up.

Examine Your Online Outreach Strategy.

Time: 2 minutes.
Are your profile views suddenly declining? Are your posts on Pulse suddenly not performing as well as they could be? This is the time for you to consider what message you’re sending, and how you could be presenting it better. This gives you better focus for your day and week, allowing you to plan effectively not only what you want people to hear, but how you want them to hear it.

So you see, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you could be using your LinkedIn to do so much more than make new connections! Why not apply these tips and see how they help you boost your business and reputation more quickly than you thought possible? (LinkedIn)  LinkedIn is an excellent professional tool; let me show you how to unlock all the potential it has for your business!

What tips do you use to promote yourself on LinkedIn?

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